Pedro Mujica


Pedro Mujica received his law degree at the Catholic University of Chile in 1986. In 1988 he was awarded a scholarship to participate at the University of Salamanca, Spain, where he investigated regulations relating to associations between public and private companies. Mujica received a Master´s Degree in Political Philosophy from the University of Santiago.
Mujica has focused his practice on issues relating to commerce, mining, natural resources, copyright, real estate, and tax law. His specialty is preparing international bid documents and structuring joint ventures between private and state-owned companies. Mujica has also worked with a variety of non-profit organizations, particularly in the areas of  culture and culture.

Pedro Mujica served as counsel on “The Commission for Truth and Reconciliation” formed in 1990 by President Patricio Aylwin. Mujica was for ten years a Professor at the University Alberto Hurtado in the Latin American Political and Social Studies Program. At present, he is a professor at the University of Chile in the Institute for Communication and Image. Mujica was Academic Coordinator for Corporación Participa and member of their Board of Directors. Mujica has authored and co-authored several publications on citizen participation and democracy. Most recently, he has published “La Igualdad Política: El Significado actual de la Participación Ciudadana” (Ril Editores, 2010); “El Poder en Disputa; Partidos Políticos, Grupos de Interés y Movimientos Sociales”, Ed. Universidad Alberto Hurtado, 2015.


Gian Bertolotto


Gian Bertolotto graduated as a lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 1985. Some years ago he obtained  a post graduate degree in civil responsibility at the University of Chile. He has focused his professional work in the external consultancy of companies, especially in the areas of civil, commercial and mining law, with particular emphasis on the drafting of contracts in these matters. Of particular note among his consultancies are the work carried out in the privatization of some public companies and the concession processes carried out by various port companies. At the same time, he has also worked as a litigator lawyer in various civil and commercial trials, particularly in matters of labor and civil liability, contractual and non-contractual and in mining matters.


Waldo Fortin


He studied at the University of Chile, receiving the title of lawyer in 1970.
He taught at the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile and the Faculties of Law of the University of Leiden (Van Vollenhoven Instituut), The Netherlands and the Faculty of Law of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
He was a lawyer of CODELCO, a company in which he served as Vice President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Legal Counsel between 1994 and 2011. He is currently a member of the Boards of the companies of the Saesa Group, including the Sociedad Austral de Electricidad S.A. (Saesa), the Empresas Eléctrica de la Frontera S.A. (Frontel), the Osorno Electric Company (Luz Osorno), and the Empresa Eléctrica de Aysén S.A. (Edelaysen).
He has a vast experience in business corporate matters, both in the public and private areas. He has participated in the design and implementation of multiple joint ventures, in acquisitions and bids in Chile and abroad.
Languages: Spanish,  English


Camila Ugalde


Lawyer of the University of Chile, graduated by 2015. During student years she was assistant to the Department of Labour and Social Security. She has focused her practice on employment litigation and counseling. Today she is dedicated to corporate advisory, corporations and foundations in labor issues, copyright and contractual matters.