• Commercial Law
  • Labor Law
  • Tax Law
    Mujica & Bertolotto work as legal counsel for companies, embracing all of their legal needs. Legal services include corporate law, by –laws, its amendments, commercial agreements and contracts and other legal requirements, such as labor matters.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial agreements
  • Commercial negotiations
    Mujica & Bertolotto have worked extensively in commercial law, advising on partners relationships, through the negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and tax implications that may arise, as well in the course of negotiations of commercial agreements and contracts. Our practice embraces the negotiation and execution of agreements between Chilean and international companies, which contributes to the experience in international agreements.

  • Counsel and contracts for Railways
  • Counsel and contracts for Maritime transportation
  • Counsel and contracts for Ports

    Mujica & Bertolotto have vast experience in the transportation areas of railways, maritime and ports. They have worked to establish concessions for ports in all aspects commercial, tax, and labor. We have worked with most of the state-owned ports since they were established including the concessions for the port terminals and the related agreements. In the area of maritime law, they have consulted on charter parties, insurance and cargo claims. Mujica & Bertolotto have worked with Chilean railway companies as well as other international operators mostly in the area of freight and passenger services bidding carried out in Latin America in the last years and also advising with respect of contracts for the improvement of structure and signals system in the network.

  • Joint Ventures and agreements
  • Due diligence processes for acquisition of companies or tenements
  • Corporate and business counsel for mining companies
  • Consulting on processes for exploring and exploiting mining sites
  • Consulting on option and purchase of mining concessions.

    Mujica & Bertolotto have consulted for many mining companies and businesses related to mining. They have conducted due diligence processes for acquisitions in Chile, and internationally. They have worked on preparing legal opinion on mining property titles and on litigation of cases related mining property protection. They have also advised mining companies regarding exploration and exploitation of mining sites.

  • Tax structure for commercial agreements
  • Consult on taxation for joint ventures, companies, investments
  • Consult on income tax and VAT

    As consultants to many companies, Mujica & Bertolotto work with each firm to establish an efficient tax structure. They have worked with taxation of commercial agreements, and also to interpret conflicting views of tax law. They have also consulted regarding tax structure for companies in the process of incorporation, capitalization, mergers or other structures. With respect of highly specialized taxation issues, we work in association with the professional advice of an important tax firm.

  • Administrative Law
  • Study and analysis of public agencies
  • Amendment of public agencies organic laws
  • Authoring of legal statutes
    Mujica & Bertolotto have collaborated on diverse projects to improve the administration of public agencies. They have advised on the structure and wording for new bills that allow public agencies to associate with private companies. They have also worked to eliminate barriers for businesses and public entities by creating improved proceedings. We have also advised State owned companies or public companies on proceedings regulation.
  • Advise and judicial defense.

    Mujica & Bertolotto has extensive experience acting as claimant’s or plaintiff’s counsel as well as defense counsel in the event of litigations, particularly in cases involving damages. In this area they have drawn up civil contracts and consulted in the area of inheritances. They have worked as defense counsel in trials related to inheritance, including distributions and partitions.

  • Title studies
  • Consult on plans for urban development and within municipalities
  • Consult on development of urban planning projects
    Mujica & Bertolotto are experienced in project revisions in title studies and are practiced at identifying and fixing defects. They consult on projects in the real estate field including the buying and selling of property, modification of master plans, and interpretation of building regulations. They also consult on civil, legal, and taxation of large real estate projects. Furthermore, they have professional relationships with expert architects and urban planners who can attend to the detailed needs of clients.
  • Incorporation and amendment of non-profit organizations
  • Corporate advise for foundations and non-profits
  • Donations regimes and tax implications.

    Mujica & Bertolotto have worked for several non-profit organizations to help them incorporate, respond to legal questions, and comply with tax laws. The majority of these organizations work in culture, education and advocacy for civic education. We have been involved in the incorporation of a number of non- profit organizations, giving legal advice in corporate matters, as well as in civil, labor, intellectual property, tax and other areas involved in the day to day activity of this organizations.